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Stay Warm – Heat Your Home with Seasoned Firewood from Barningham Forestry & Firewood 

Barningham Forestry & Firewood

Face Cords, Cut, Split, & Delivered to Bayfield, Washburn, Ashland, Red Cliff, Cornucopia, Herbster, and Port Wing.

FREE delivery within 30 miles of Bayfield, Wisconsin.

Local. Friendly. Dependable.



Barningham Forestry offers quality cut and split firewood for delivery or pick-up. 

Seasoned Facecord Delivered

(W/30 miles of Bayfield)

$100 per Facecord

Facecord picked up at our wood yard

Hardwood $90 per Facecord

Campfire wood $85 per Facecord

Campfire wood


(Pine & Bass wood. Best for easy flame)

$100 per Facecord

Secure Your Firewood Supply Now:
Call (715) 779-5413 to place an order. Leave your name, number, and the number of face cords desired
We will reply to your message within 24-48 hours


“Quality firewood at a good price from friendly and dependable people!”

Michael Lee, Washburn, Wisconsin

Barningham Forestry & Firewood: Proudly Serving the Bayfield and Surrounding Communities Since 1981

We’re Dave and David Barningham, a father-and-son-owned business with over 40 years of forestry experience, dedicated to providing you with friendly and reliable service.


As lifelong Bayfield residents, we’re your trusted source for quality firewood and forestry expertise.


We offer you:

  1. Seasoned firewood 

  2. Campfire wood

  3. Saw Dust 

  4. Kindling

  5. Hassle-free delivery

We’re more than just a business; we’re part of the Bayfield community. Your support contributes to the local economy and sustainable practices.



High-Quality Firewood Ready to Fuel Your Fireplace or Woodstove

Your seasoned firewood is sustainably sourced from the hardwood forests of Bayfield, Wisconsin. Hardwoods are known for producing a hot and long-lasting fire. 


Species of hardwoods harvested and processed into firewood include:


  • Oak

  • Maple

  • Ironwood

  • Birch

  • Ash


Other species of wood like Basswood and Pine are best for kindling or campfires because they catch quickly and produce good flame. 


Your firewood is cut, split, and seasoned under a shelter to help you enjoy a clean and efficient fuel source to heat your home.


We offer a variety of lengths of firewood ranging from 12 - 24 inches in length. The most common lengths requested are 12, 16, and 18 inches.


Call (715) 779-5413 to place an order



Hassle-Free Firewood Delivery Right to Your Doorstep Within 30 miles of Bayfield, Wisconsin

Enjoy reliable and punctual delivery to your home in the following communities:


  • Bayfield

  • Washburn

  • Ashland

  • Red Cliff

  • Cornucopia

  • Herbster

  • Port Wing  


During the busy fall season, you can expect an average of 1 weeks for delivery of your firewood.


A minimum order of two face cords is required for delivery outside the Bayfield area. 

*A delivery charge will be applied to firewood orders greater than 30 miles from Bayfield.


Delivered to you for $100 per face cord or arrange pick-up at our woodyard for $90.




“My firewood was delivered on time and it was all dry. Not much more you could ask for.”


 Dayton McCauley, Ashland, Wisconsin



Take Advantage of Our Spring Special

Beat the fall rush and save money by placing your firewood order this spring. 

Get an early start on your firewood preparation and secure a discounted price (market pending).

This discount also accounts for wood not yet fully seasoned.

Firewood delivered to you in the spring will continue to dry and be ready to burn when the temperature drops in the fall.


                                                                                         2024 Spring Special price

                                                                                                       Ends June 1

                                                                                              Call (715) 779-5413 

                                                         Please leave your name, number, and the number of face cords

                                                                                                  Cash or Check Only

“Mr. Barningham is a busy man and I had to play phone tag with him, but he will get back to you. A good guy.”


David Duffy, Bayfield, Wisconsin


Contact Us for Firewood Delivery or Schedule an Appointment for Pick-up


$100 per Seasoned face cord delivered. 


$90 per face cord for pick-up at our woodyard – scheduled by appointment only

Call (715) 779-5413 to place an order

Leave your name, number, and the number of face cords desired

Cash or check only

We’ll reply to your message within 24-48 hours

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Frequently asked questions

firewood delivered 1.jpg

Is there a minimum order?

There is a two-face cord minimum for orders outside of the Bayfield area.

In Bayfield we will deliver 1 Facecord for $100.


How dry is your firewood?

Our seasoned firewood has been off the stump for a minimum of six months and contains no more than 25% moisture by the time it’s delivered to you.

Stacked face-cords .jpg

What is a face cord?

Our face cord is approximately 4 feet high x 8 feet wide x 16 inches deep. We size our firewood so that you can pick up any piece with one hand. 

Fire Wood

What if I am unhappy with the wood?

If you're unhappy with the size of the wood, moisture content, or volume of your wood please reach out. We’re a community-based business that values our customers. If you're not happy, we want to make it right. Mistakes happen and we can fix them. 

Cut Wood

What is the difference between a face cord and a full cord?

A full cord is cut and split firewood measuring 4 feet high x 8 feet wide x 4 feet deep.

1 full cord = 3 facecords

Face cords and their smaller volume are more desirable and easier to handle for homeowners within our local communities.


What is your average delivery time?

During the busy fall season, you can expect an average of 1 week for delivery of your firewood. During the off-season it could be as soon as the next day. 

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