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Our Story

Shortly after its founding in 2000, Barningham Forestry & Firewood became known as the top Firewood Supplier in the San Francisco region. With time, we expanded our offerings and built a technologically advanced distribution facility to successfully manage increasing demand.

When you choose to work with us, you can count on being able to select from all of the industry’s top brands. You can also be sure that we will have what you need in stock and that, once you place an order, it will get to you in no time. We would love to work with you and give you a feel for what makes Barningham Forestry & Firewood one of a kind.

Forest Grass
Closeup of freshly cut logs
Logger cutting wood with chainsaw
Excavator moving logs in forest
Pile of forested logs
Wood Logs
Pile of Logs
Cut Wood
Fire Wood
Tranquil forest
Spring Forest
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